Where to Find the Woodworker in Spiritfarer

Where to Find the Woodworker in Spiritfarer

In the enchanting world of Spiritfarer, one of your important tasks is to help various spirits move on to the afterlife. And to accomplish this, you’ll need the help of different craftspeople throughout the game. One such craftsman is the Woodworker, who specializes in crafting beautiful furniture and buildings for your ship.

But where exactly can you find the Woodworker in Spiritfarer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this complete guide, we’ll walk you through all the steps to locate this talented artisan and unlock their services.

To find the Woodworker in Spiritfarer, you’ll first need to progress through the main story questline until you reach the region known as Bottom Line Corp. Once you arrive in Bottom Line Corp, make your way to the top left corner of the map to find a small island called Oxbury. This is where the Woodworker can be found.

Once you reach Oxbury, head towards the left side of the island until you come across a cozy little cabin. This is the Woodworker’s workshop. Enter the workshop and you’ll meet the Woodworker, a friendly and dedicated craftsman who is passionate about their work. Now that you’ve found them, you can start commissioning them to build and upgrade various structures for your ship.

And there you have it! With this guide, you now know exactly where to find the Woodworker in Spiritfarer. So go ahead and visit the Woodworker in their workshop, and watch as they transform your ship into a beautiful and functional vessel.

Where to Find the Woodworker in Spiritfarer

In the game Spiritfarer, the Woodworker is one of the important characters you will encounter. He plays a crucial role in upgrading your ship and helping you progress in the game. Finding him is essential to unlock new abilities and features.

The Woodworker can be found on several different locations throughout the game. Here are some common places where you can find him:

  • Bus Stop: The Woodworker can sometimes be found at the Bus Stop. This is a common location where he can be seen working on different projects.
  • Harold’s Abode: The Woodworker occasionally visits Harold’s house. You can find him there working on various woodworking projects.
  • Loneberg: The Woodworker can also be found in the city of Loneberg. Look for him near the sawmill or the carpenter’s workshop.
  • Other Characters: The Woodworker often interacts with other characters in the game. You may be able to find him while visiting other spirits or completing quests.

Keep in mind that the Woodworker’s location may change depending on the progress of the game and the tasks you have completed. Make sure to explore different areas and interact with other characters to increase your chances of finding him.

Once you have found the Woodworker, you can talk to him and ask for his help. He will be able to upgrade your ship, create new constructions, and provide valuable advice. Make sure to take advantage of his skills to enhance your gameplay experience.

In conclusion, the Woodworker in Spiritfarer can be found in various locations such as the Bus Stop, Harold’s Abode, Loneberg, and while interacting with other characters. Keep exploring and completing quests to increase your chances of finding him. Don’t forget to utilize his skills and expertise to upgrade your ship and progress in the game.

Location of the Woodworker

The Woodworker is one of the many spirits that you can find and interact with in the game Spiritfarer. As his name suggests, the Woodworker specializes in woodworking and can create various objects and furniture for your ship.

You can find the Woodworker in different locations throughout the game. Here are a few places where you may encounter him:

  1. The Woodworker can be found on Furogawa, which is one of the first locations you’ll visit in the game. Look for a small workshop with a sign that reads “Woodworker.”
  2. Another location where you can find the Woodworker is on Crow’s End Inc. It is a small island with a wooden cabin where he resides. Look for the familiar workshop sign.
  3. The third location where you can find the Woodworker is Lost Shrine. It is a snowy area with ruins, and the Woodworker’s workshop is located inside one of the structures.

Once you have found the Woodworker, you can talk to him and request different woodworking projects. He will require specific resources and materials to complete these projects, so make sure you have them in your inventory before making a request.

The Woodworker is an important spirit to interact with, as he can create furniture for your ship, which can provide various benefits and improvements. Additionally, he can also teach you new abilities and crafting recipes.

Make sure to visit the Woodworker regularly to check for new projects and upgrades for your ship. He can be a valuable asset on your journey through Spiritfarer.

Requirements to Unlock the Woodworker

In order to unlock the Woodworker in Spiritfarer, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Complete Atul’s Request to Build a Sawmill
  • Have the Obol Spirit Flower
  • Have a Ship Upgrade: Mist Cleaner 1000
  • Have a Ship Upgrade: Icebreaker

Once you have met these requirements, you will be able to find the Woodworker at Ambertown Park. Interact with him to unlock his services and start crafting wooden items for your ship and other activities.

How to Complete the Woodworker’s Quests

The Woodworker in Spiritfarer, a game about guiding spirits to the afterlife, has several quests that players must complete to progress in the game. These quests involve gathering resources and crafting various items for the Woodworker. Here is a guide on how to complete the Woodworker’s quests:

  1. Meet the Woodworker: The first step is to find and meet the Woodworker. The Woodworker can be found on Furogawa, a small island in the game.
  2. Complete the Woodworker’s Introduction: The Woodworker will introduce themselves and ask for your help. They will give you a blueprint for the Sawmill and ask you to construct it. Craft the Sawmill using the resources provided.
  3. Gather Resources for the Woodworker: The Woodworker will request various resources that are needed for their crafting projects. Some of the resources the Woodworker may ask for include Ash Planks, Maple Logs, and Linen Fabric. Gather these resources by exploring different areas in the game and interacting with the environment.
  4. Craft Items for the Woodworker: Once you have the required resources, use the Sawmill to craft the requested items for the Woodworker. Some of the items you may need to craft include Nut Planks, Oak Planks, and Copper Ingots. Use the blueprint and the resources to craft the items.
  5. Upgrade the Woodworker’s House: As you complete the Woodworker’s quests, their house will gradually improve. The Woodworker will request additional upgrades to their house, such as adding a Garden, a Kitchen, or a Lounge. Fulfill these requests to continue progressing in the game.
  6. Complete the Woodworker’s Requests for Other Spirits: The Woodworker will occasionally ask you to gather specific items for other spirits in the game. These requests may include cooking a specific recipe, finding a particular item, or completing a small task. Fulfill these requests to build relationships with other spirits and progress in the game.

By completing the Woodworker’s quests, you will not only progress in the game but also build a strong bond with the Woodworker and other spirits. Enjoy the journey and the stories that unfold as you guide spirits to the afterlife in Spiritfarer.

Benefits of Adding the Woodworker to Your Crew

Adding the Woodworker to your crew in Spiritfarer comes with several benefits. The Woodworker is a valuable member of your team who can help you upgrade your ship and create beautiful furniture for your passengers. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding the Woodworker to your crew:

  • Ship Upgrades: The Woodworker is essential for upgrading your ship. They can build new rooms, expand existing ones, and add necessary facilities such as a kitchen or a garden. These upgrades not only make your ship more functional but also improve the living conditions for your passengers.
  • Furniture Creation: With the Woodworker on board, you can craft various furniture pieces to decorate your ship and make it cozy. From tables and chairs to beds and wardrobes, the Woodworker can create a wide range of furniture items using different types of wood. Decorating your ship not only adds aesthetic value but also makes your passengers happier.
  • Resource Conversion: The Woodworker can transform logs and other raw materials into usable resources. By processing logs, you can obtain planks, which are essential for ship upgrades and furniture creation. This saves you time and effort in gathering resources and allows you to focus on other tasks in Spiritfarer.

Having the Woodworker as part of your crew not only adds practical value to your ship but also enhances your overall gameplay experience in Spiritfarer. With the ability to upgrade your ship, create beautiful furniture, and convert resources, the Woodworker is an indispensable addition to your team.

Woodworker’s Crafting Abilities and Recipes

The Woodworker in Spiritfarer is an important character who can create a variety of useful items for you during your journey. Here are the Woodworker’s crafting abilities and some of the recipes they can make:

Woodworker’s Abilities:

  • Build and Upgrade Structures: The Woodworker can construct and upgrade various structures on your ship, such as the Field, Kitchen, and Orchard. These structures provide resources and benefits for both you and your spirits.
  • Repair Buildings: If any of your ship’s structures or buildings are damaged, the Woodworker can repair them for you.
  • Craft Tools: The Woodworker can craft different tools that you’ll need for activities like fishing, mining, and exploration.
  • Create Furniture: The Woodworker can also create beautiful and functional furniture pieces for you to decorate your ship and make it more comfortable.

Woodworker’s Recipes:

Here are some of the recipes that the Woodworker can create:

Item Ingredients Function
Field Upgrade 40x Maple Plank Allows you to grow crops in the Field
Kitchen Upgrade 20x Oak Plank Unlocks new cooking recipes and improves cooking speed
Orchard Upgrade 10x Cherry Plank Allows you to grow fruit trees in the Orchard
Fishing Rod 2x Maple Plank, 2x Copper Ingot Enables you to go fishing and catch different types of fish
Bell Tower 10x Oak Plank, 4x Iron Ingot Summons your spirits to the deck of your ship
Lounge Chair 4x Cherry Plank, 2x Linen Fabric A comfortable seat for your spirits to relax on

These are just a few examples of the many recipes that the Woodworker can create. Experiment with different combinations of resources and see what other items you can unlock!

Tips for Maximizing Your Time with the Woodworker

Tips for Maximizing Your Time with the Woodworker

The Woodworker in Spiritfarer is a valuable character who specializes in crafting wooden structures and decorations for your ship. To make the most of your interactions with the Woodworker, follow these tips:

  • Build a dedicated Workshop: Construct a Workshop on your ship where the Woodworker can work. This will provide a designated space for them to create their crafts, increasing their efficiency.
  • Upgrade the Workshop: Enhance the Workshop with better tools and equipment as you progress in the game. Upgraded tools will allow the Woodworker to work faster and produce higher quality items.
  • Provide the Woodworker with resources: Keep the Workshop stocked with the necessary resources needed for crafting. This includes logs, planks, and any other materials required for specific items. Regularly check the Workshop’s inventory and replenish it as needed.
  • Unlock new blueprints: Interact with the Woodworker and fulfill their requests to unlock new blueprints for crafting. These blueprints will expand the Woodworker’s repertoire and give you access to a wider range of items for your ship.
  • Prioritize important projects: Certain wooden structures and decorations are crucial for progressing in the game or enhancing the functionality of your ship. Discuss your priorities with the Woodworker and focus on completing those projects first.
  • Level up the Woodworker’s skill: As you continue to work with the Woodworker, their skill level will increase. This will enable them to craft more complex and valuable items. Keep assigning them tasks and providing them with resources to level up their skill.
  • Check in regularly: Visit the Woodworker frequently to see if they have any new requests or ideas. They may have new blueprints available or need specific resources to complete a project.
  • Collaborate with other characters: The Woodworker can collaborate with other characters on your ship to create unique items. Encourage teamwork between the Woodworker and other crew members to unlock special crafting opportunities.

By following these tips, you can maximize your time with the Woodworker in Spiritfarer and create a beautifully crafted ship filled with unique wooden structures and decorations.

How to Upgrade the Woodworker’s Abilities and Tools

To fully upgrade the Woodworker’s abilities and tools in Spiritfarer, you will need to complete several tasks and unlock specific blueprints. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade the Woodworker:

  1. Unlock the Woodworker’s upgrade menu: To access the Woodworker’s upgrade menu, you will first need to build the Woodworker’s House on your ship. Once you have built the house, interact with the Woodworker to open the upgrade menu.
  2. Complete the required tasks: Each upgrade requires you to complete specific tasks or quests. These tasks can include gathering resources, completing requests for other spirits, or finding hidden locations. The Woodworker will usually provide clues or hints about what needs to be done. Pay attention to their dialogue to figure out the required tasks.
  3. Get the necessary resources: After completing the required tasks, you will need to gather specific resources to upgrade the Woodworker’s abilities and tools. These resources can include logs, planks, fabrics, ores, and more. Use your Ship Blueprint Menu to see the required resources for each upgrade.
  4. Unlock Blueprints: Some upgrades require you to unlock specific blueprints. These blueprints can be obtained by completing certain quests, finding hidden treasures, or purchasing them from other spirits. Keep exploring and interacting with the world to find these blueprints.
  5. Craft and Upgrade: Once you have gathered all the necessary resources and unlocked the blueprints, you can craft and upgrade the Woodworker’s abilities and tools. Interact with the Woodworker’s upgrade menu and select the desired upgrade. If you have all the required resources, you can craft the upgrade.

Repeat these steps for each upgrade you want to unlock for the Woodworker. Each upgrade will enhance their abilities, allowing them to create more advanced wooden structures and furniture. Upgrading the Woodworker will also unlock new customization options for your ship.

Other Woodworkers in Spiritfarer and How to Find Them

While the Woodworker is a crucial character in Spiritfarer, there are other woodworkers you can find throughout the game. These woodworkers can help you with various tasks related to wood and carpentry. Here is a list of the other woodworkers in Spiritfarer and how to find them:

  1. Gustav: Gustav is the first woodworker you will encounter in Spiritfarer. You can find him on Hummingberg Island after activating the Zipline ability. Gustav specializes in crafting various wooden structures and can enhance your ship’s abilities.

  2. Francis: Francis is a woodworker who is known for his intricate wood carvings. You can find him on Furogawa Island, which is accessible through the Oxbury Bus Stop. Francis can create beautiful decorations for your ship and improve its aesthetics.

  3. Alice: Alice is a woodworker who focuses on creating functional furniture and appliances. You can find her on Nordweiler Island after completing a task for Stanley. Alice can make useful items like beds, kitchen appliances, and more to enhance the functionality of your ship.

  4. Stanley: Stanley is not a woodworker himself, but he provides materials and resources for the other woodworkers. You can find him on Oxbury Island, which is accessible through the Oxbury Bus Stop. Stanley can provide you with valuable resources like logs, planks, and other materials needed for woodworking.

Each woodworker has their own unique abilities and specialties when it comes to woodworking. By locating and interacting with them, you can unlock new crafting recipes and improve your ship in various ways.

Remember to check the map and talk to other characters for hints on where to find these woodworkers. They are essential for progressing in the game and making your ship the best it can be!


Where can I find the woodworker in Spiritfarer?

The woodworker can be found on Furogawa, one of the islands in Spiritfarer. You can reach the island by taking the boat and using the map to navigate.

What does the woodworker do in Spiritfarer?

The woodworker is a Spiritfarer character who can perform various tasks related to woodworking. They can upgrade your ship’s structures and create new items and furniture for your ship.

How can I interact with the woodworker in Spiritfarer?

To interact with the woodworker, you need to build their house on your ship first. After that, you can talk to them and request their services or ask for advice on woodworking.

What resources do I need to provide for the woodworker in Spiritfarer?

The woodworker requires different types of wood as well as other resources like nails and wool. You can gather these resources by exploring islands, completing quests, and harvesting materials from trees and other sources.

Can the woodworker help me upgrade my ship in Spiritfarer?

Yes, the woodworker plays a crucial role in upgrading your ship in Spiritfarer. They can help you improve the structures on your ship, such as your kitchen, garden, or guest house. Upgrading these structures is essential for progressing in the game.


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