Step-by-step guide on finishing a chunky knit blanket

Step-by-step guide on finishing a chunky knit blanket

If you’re a fan of cozy and warm home decor, you’ve probably come across the trend of chunky knit blankets. These oversized blankets are not only highly functional, but they also add a touch of luxury and comfort to any space. However, making a chunky knit blanket is just the first step. To truly elevate your creation and achieve a polished and professional look, it’s important to properly finish your blanket.

Step 1: Trim Loose Ends

Before you can begin the finishing process, you’ll want to make sure that all loose ends from joining new yarn or changing colors are trimmed neatly. Use sharp scissors to carefully cut any excess yarn, being careful not to cut the loops of your stitches. This step will help give your blanket a clean and tidy appearance.

Step 2: Secure and Weave In Loose Yarn

Next, you’ll want to secure and weave in any loose yarn tails that were left behind from your knitting. Start by using a yarn needle to thread the loose end through a few stitches on the back of your work. Then, weave the needle in and out of the stitches, making sure to catch the yarn securely. Repeat this process for any remaining loose ends, ensuring that everything is secure and hidden.

Step 3: Block the Blanket

Blocking is a crucial step in giving your chunky knit blanket a professional finish. To block your blanket, you’ll need to wet it with water and lay it flat on a clean surface. Use rustproof pins to gently stretch the blanket into the desired shape and size. Allow the blanket to dry completely before removing the pins. This process will help even out the stitches and give your blanket a smooth and uniform appearance.

Step 4: Add a Border (Optional)

If you want to take your finished blanket to the next level, consider adding a border. A border can help frame your blanket and give it a more polished look. You can choose to crochet or knit a simple border using a coordinating yarn, or you can opt for a contrasting color for a more eye-catching effect. Simply stitch the border around the edges of the blanket, making sure to keep the tension consistent for a professional finish.

Step 5: Give it a Good Shake

Once you’ve completed all the previous steps, give your finished chunky knit blanket a good shake to fluff up the stitches and add even more volume. This step will help your blanket look lush and inviting, ready to be enjoyed and displayed in your home.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can finish your chunky knit blanket like a pro. Take your time and pay attention to the details, and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning, high-quality blanket that will be the envy of all your friends.

Materials Needed for the Finishing Process

Before you begin the finishing process for your chunky knit blanket, make sure you have the following materials ready:

  • Yarn needle: You’ll need a large needle with a big eye to weave in the loose ends of yarn.
  • Scissors: A pair of sharp scissors will be necessary to trim any excess yarn.
  • Tape measure: To ensure your blanket has consistent dimensions, have a tape measure handy.
  • Blocking materials: Depending on your preference, you may need blocking mats, pins, or a blocking board to shape and size your blanket.
  • Steamer or iron: If you want to smooth out any wrinkles or even out the stitches, you’ll need a steamer or iron.

Having these materials prepared and easily accessible will make the finishing process smoother and more efficient.

Step 1: Weaving in the Ends

After completing the last row of your chunky knit blanket, it’s important to properly secure the loose ends to ensure that your blanket remains intact and doesn’t unravel over time. Follow these steps to weave in the ends:

  1. Thread the Needle: Start by threading a large-eye needle with one of the loose ends.
  2. Identify the Stitches: Look for the stitches along the edge of your blanket where the loose end is located.
  3. Weave Through Stitches: Insert the needle under the first stitch and pull it through, leaving a small loop at the end.
  4. Continue Weaving: Weave the needle over and under the stitches, following the path of the yarn, for about an inch or two.
  5. Cut Excess Yarn: Trim the loose end, leaving a small tail that blends into the woven stitches.
  6. Secure the Second End: Repeat the process with the second loose end, ensuring both ends are securely woven into the stitches.

By weaving in the ends, you’ll create a more polished look for your chunky knit blanket and prevent any loose threads from coming undone. It’s an essential step in the finishing process and will give your blanket a professional touch.

Step 2: Blocking the Blanket

Blocking your chunky knit blanket is an essential step to ensure that it maintains its shape and stitches. Blocking involves adding moisture and shaping the blanket to your desired dimensions.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to block your chunky knit blanket:

  1. Prepare your blocking area: Find a clean and flat surface that is large enough to accommodate your entire blanket. It can be a table, a padded blocking board, or even the floor. Make sure the surface is covered with a clean towel or blocking mat to protect your blanket.
  2. Fill a basin with lukewarm water: Fill a basin or your bathtub with lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as it could damage the fibers of your blanket. If necessary, add a small amount of gentle soap or wool wash to the water.
  3. Submerge the blanket: Gently submerge your blanket in the lukewarm water, making sure it is completely soaked. Allow it to soak for about 15 to 20 minutes to ensure maximum absorption.
  4. Remove excess water: Carefully lift the blanket out of the water, supporting it evenly to avoid stretching or distorting it. Gently squeeze out the excess water using your hands or a clean towel. Do not wring or twist the blanket.
  5. Shape the blanket: Lay the blanket flat on the blocking surface and begin shaping it to your desired dimensions. Start from one end and gently stretch and adjust the fabric, being careful not to pull too forcefully. Use measuring tools, such as a tape measure or ruler, to ensure that the dimensions are consistent throughout.
  6. Pin the blanket: Secure the blanket in place using rust-resistant T-pins or blocking wires. Start by pinning the corners and then work your way around the edges, placing pins every few inches. This will help the blanket maintain its shape as it dries.
  7. Let it dry: Allow the blanket to air dry completely in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight or excessive heat, as this can cause the fibers to become brittle or discolored. Depending on the thickness of your blanket, drying may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.
  8. Remove the pins: Once the blanket is fully dry, carefully remove the pins or blocking wires. Take your time to avoid snagging or pulling the fabric. The blanket should now be beautifully blocked and ready to use or display!

Blocking your chunky knit blanket may seem like an extra step, but it can make a significant difference in the final look and feel of your project. Take the time to block your blanket properly, and you’ll be rewarded with a professional finish that will last for years to come.

Step 3: Trim any Excess Yarn

After you have finished weaving in the loose ends of your chunky knit blanket, it’s time to trim any excess yarn to give it a polished and finished look.

Here’s how you can trim the excess yarn:

  1. First, lay your chunky knit blanket flat on a clean and flat surface.
  2. Inspect the edges of the blanket and look for any yarn that is sticking out or longer than the rest.
  3. Using a pair of sharp scissors, carefully trim the excess yarn, making sure to cut as close to the surface of the blanket as possible.
  4. Be cautious not to cut any of the stitches or the main body of the blanket while trimming the excess yarn.
  5. Continue trimming all the way around the edges of the blanket until all the excess yarn has been removed.
  6. Take your time and be patient while trimming to ensure a clean and neat finish.

Once you have trimmed all the excess yarn, give your chunky knit blanket a gentle shake to remove any loose fibers or small bits of yarn.

Now your chunky knit blanket is ready to be used or displayed. The trimmed edges will give it a professional and refined appearance.

Step 4: Adding Tassels or Pom Poms

Once your chunky knit blanket is complete, you can add some decorative elements to enhance its visual appeal. Adding tassels or pom poms is a popular choice that can make your blanket look even more cozy and stylish. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Materials: Gather the materials you’ll need for making tassels or pom poms. This includes yarn, sharp scissors, a cardboard template (for pom poms), and a tapestry needle.
  2. Tassels: To make tassels, cut several strands of yarn to your desired length. Fold the strands in half and slide the folded end through the stitch at the edge of your blanket. Pull the loose ends through the folded end to secure the tassel in place. Trim the ends to ensure they’re even.
  3. Pom Poms: To make pom poms, cut two identical cardboard circles with a small hole in the center. Holding the two circles together, wrap yarn around the cardboard until it’s completely covered. Carefully cut along the edge of the cardboard, between the two circles. Slide a piece of yarn through the center of the pom pom and tie a tight knot. Remove the cardboard circles and trim the pom pom to your desired size and shape. Attach the pom pom to the corners or edges of your blanket using a tapestry needle.
  4. Placement: Decide where you want to add tassels or pom poms to your blanket. You can choose to add them to the corners, along the edges, or spaced out evenly across the blanket.
  5. Secure: Use a tapestry needle to securely attach the tassels or pom poms to the desired locations on your blanket. Make sure to weave in the ends of the yarn to prevent any loose ends.
  6. Variations: Get creative with your tassel or pom pom design. You can use different colors of yarn, vary the length or thickness of the tassels, or mix and match different sizes of pom poms for a more unique look.

Adding tassels or pom poms to your chunky knit blanket is a fun and easy way to add a personal touch and make it truly one-of-a-kind. Experiment with different styles and techniques to create a finished blanket that matches your personal taste and style.

Step 5: Washing and Drying the Blanket

Once you have finished knitting your chunky blanket, it’s important to wash and dry it properly to maintain its softness and shape. Follow these steps to wash and dry your blanket:

  1. Fill a large tub or basin with lukewarm water. The water should be at a comfortable temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Use a mild detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics.
  2. Gently place the blanket into the water. Make sure it is completely submerged and soak for about 10-15 minutes. Gently swish the blanket around to help remove any dirt or debris.
  3. Drain the water and refill the tub with clean, lukewarm water. Rinse the blanket thoroughly to remove any remaining detergent. Gently squeeze out the excess water, but do not wring or twist the blanket as it can damage the fibers.
  4. Lay the blanket flat on a clean, absorbent towel. Roll up the towel with the blanket inside to gently remove more moisture. Repeat this process with a dry towel, if necessary, until the blanket is damp.
  5. Place the blanket on a flat surface to air dry. Avoid hanging the blanket as it can stretch and lose its shape. Allow it to dry completely before using or storing.
  6. If desired, use a fabric shaver or lint roller to remove any pilling or fuzz that may have accumulated during the washing process.

Remember, always read and follow the care instructions provided by the yarn manufacturer and consider the specific needs of the yarn used for your blanket. By washing and drying your chunky knit blanket properly, you can ensure that it maintains its beautiful texture and appearance for years to come.

Step 6: Final Inspection

Before completing your chunky knit blanket, it’s important to do a final inspection to ensure that it meets your expectations and is of high quality. This step will help you identify any mistakes or areas that need attention before finishing the project.

Here are the key points to check during the final inspection:

  1. Check for any dropped stitches: Look closely at each row of your blanket to make sure that all stitches are secure and none have been dropped. If you notice any dropped stitches, use a crochet hook or knitting needle to pick them up and fix them.
  2. Inspect the edges: Check the edges of your blanket to ensure that they are even and straight. If needed, adjust the tension of your stitches to create a more uniform appearance.
  3. Look for any loose threads: Examine the entire blanket for any loose threads that may need to be trimmed. This will help give your final project a polished look.
  4. Check for any mistakes in the pattern: Compare your completed blanket to the pattern instructions to make sure that you have followed the pattern correctly. If you spot any mistakes, evaluate if they need to be fixed or if they add a unique touch to your blanket.
  5. Check the overall size and shape: Measure your blanket to ensure that it has reached the desired size. Also, check if there are any sections that appear narrower or wider than they should be. If needed, make adjustments by adding or removing stitches in the next row.

Once you have completed your final inspection and made any necessary adjustments, you can confidently move on to the next step of finishing your chunky knit blanket.

Step 7: Storing the Finished Blanket

Once you have finished your chunky knit blanket, it’s time to think about how you will store it when you’re not using it. Proper storage will help keep your blanket in good condition and prevent any damage. Here are some steps to follow when storing your finished blanket:

  1. Clean the Blanket: Before storing the blanket, make sure it is clean. If the blanket is machine washable, follow the care instructions on the label. If it’s not machine washable, you can spot clean it using a gentle detergent and warm water.
  2. Dry the Blanket: Once the blanket is clean, allow it to air dry completely. Avoid using a dryer as it can shrink or damage the fibers of the blanket.
  3. Fold or Roll: Decide whether you want to fold or roll your blanket for storage. Folding is a good option if you have enough space, while rolling is more compact and convenient if storage space is limited.
  4. Use Acid-Free Tissue Paper: To prevent any creases or wrinkles, place acid-free tissue paper between the folds or rolls of the blanket. This will help maintain the shape and integrity of the blanket while it’s stored.
  5. Choose a Storage Container: Select a storage container that is large enough to accommodate the folded or rolled blanket. It’s best to choose a container that is breathable, such as a cotton or canvas bag, to allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup.
  6. Avoid Humidity and Sunlight: Store the blanket in a location that is free from excessive humidity and direct sunlight. Exposure to these elements can cause mold, fading, or deterioration of the fibers.
  7. Check periodically: Periodically check on your stored blanket to ensure it’s in good condition. If you notice any signs of damage or pests, take appropriate action to prevent further harm.

Following these steps will help keep your chunky knit blanket in pristine condition while it’s not in use. When you’re ready to enjoy it again, simply remove it from storage, fluff it up, and cozy up on the couch or bed.


What materials do I need to finish a chunky knit blanket?

To finish a chunky knit blanket, you will need a tapestry needle, scissors, and extra yarn for any necessary repairs or weaving in loose ends.

How do I weave in loose ends on a chunky knit blanket?

To weave in loose ends on a chunky knit blanket, thread a tapestry needle with the end of the yarn and then weave it in and out of the stitches on the wrong side of the blanket. Make sure to secure the end by knotting or weaving it under existing stitches.

Is it necessary to block a chunky knit blanket before finishing it?

Blocking a chunky knit blanket helps to even out the stitches and make the blanket look more finished and professional. While it’s not absolutely necessary, it can greatly improve the final appearance of the blanket.

What is the best method for blocking a chunky knit blanket?

The best method for blocking a chunky knit blanket is to lay it flat on a clean surface and gently stretch and shape it to the desired dimensions. Then, use blocking pins or T-pins to secure the edges and any desired patterns or edges. Finally, mist the blanket with water until it is damp and allow it to air dry.

Can I add a border to my chunky knit blanket?

Yes, you can add a border to your chunky knit blanket to give it a more finished look. To add a border, simply pick up stitches along the edges of the blanket and knit or crochet the border according to your desired design. Make sure to choose a yarn that complements the color and texture of the blanket.


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