Pre-Rozane Era, 1896-1904

In the 8 years between 1896 and 1904, the Roseville Pottery Company rose from a small local pottery into a national industry. This evolution can be seen easily in the advancement in the wares they produced. Although they produced a wide range of utility ware, collectors most often focus on the art pottery lines.

This period was a time of great flux and experimentation, with artists, potters, and designers coming and leaving at an almost frantic pace, each marking an indelible link in the chain. The production of these pieces was extremely limited, in total produced, designs in line, and duration of production. By later standards, most of these lines would be considered as experimental at best. Few examples of these lines have survived the ensuing one hundred-plus years. Having just one piece of any of these lines is an accomplishment in itself.

Although the first Rozane brown decorated ware was produced in 1900, we do not include it in this section for simplicity.

Click on any of the links or images below for additional information about any specific Pre-Rozane line.

Victorian Majolica (1896-1900)

Cremo (1904)

Crocus (1904)

Mat Green (1905)

Chloron (1905)

Fujiyama (1905)

Della Robbia (1904)

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