Mongol, 1904-1906

Collectors Guide to Roseville Pottery Mongol, 1904-1906

Rozane Mongol

The Vase of Single Color

ROZANE MONGOL is the name found upon all pieces of Rozane decorated in the rich, beautiful red, known as "Sang de Boeuf" and which, until very lately, was produced only by the ancient Chinese. For centuries, potters endeavored to reproduce it, and only in the present generation has this been done. In honor of the famous Mongolian potters who first produced this pottery, the color of wonderful richness and permanence, the name Mongol was given to this variety of Rozane.

It is a peculiar fact that any one shape reproduced in a number of styles is more admired in this beautiful Mongol red than in any better known color of the day. While ornamentation and design are attractive, especially when viewed by themselves, as single elements of a perfect whole, nothing is better, in the furnishing of a harmonious room, than art objects in a simple color, wisely placed to lend just the right, pleasing effect to the eye.

A late writer, comparing vases of plain color and those decorated, gives a vivid figure by comparing those of one color to the single musical notes which, combine, produce harmony. Were each a complete tune, simultaneously sounded, the result would be a jangling discord.

Thus, while elaborate decoration is desirable for certain places (against a plain wall, a drapery of plain material or in a niche by itself), as a unit in the decoration of an entire room, the vase of a single color, or in varying hues of the same color, is often the most pleaseing -- most harmonious.

To this harmony is added still another result upon a room by the addition of a piece of Rozane Mongol-- its effect of richness.

It is the famous, long-sought red of the Chinese, revealing many harmonious hues made brilliant by any reflections, in its glaze, from window or artificial light, and wherever placed the Mongol vase imparts a rich, luxurious touch of warmth, needed in every room where a feeling of comfort is desired.

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